The Benefits are numerous and varied, focusing on the personal development of ourselves as individuals, in the capacity of business owners, business people, and business leaders. The same applies to the development, growth, and improvements in our respective businesses. Finally because we belong to a Network with golf at its core, we also concentrate our recourses on the development of our golf games. It will however comes as no surprise that there is a direct read across in the subject areas, and skill sets required to play great golf, and being successful in business!

The BGN gives members a structure to:

  1. develop themselves through learning
  2. develop their businesses through learning
  3. improve their golf through learning
  4. learn to play golf – if you have never played before!
  5. generate new business through referrals
  6. make new business contacts, and make new friends
  7. play more golf!
  8. get a better work/life balance!
  9. HAVE FUN!