We were delighted this week to feature within an article produced by OnlineGolf.co.uk. Business golf involves playing golf in a setting which allows your business to grow. There are a number of reasons why people play business golf including:

  • New Lead generation
  • B2B Networking
  • Customer hospitality
  • Improve the work life balance
  • Team building

Business Golf is something we are more than familiar with here at the Business Golf Network. For this reason we were approached by online golf and asked to share some important advice on what makes a great business golfer.

The article aimed to explore the difference between playing golf socially, and playing for business purposes.

The ‘Business Hat’

We identified that when playing golf with colleagues, customers and potential business partners, you are effectively representing your brand and its values with every action or word you speak. Your behaviour, image and attitude will have a large impact on the way in which your brand, values and business are perceived by others. It is important therefore to show etiquette, business acumen and professionalism. This is not to say you play golf  and act out the role of a person who eats, sleeps and drinks business!

Your ‘Social Hat’

Playing business golf with the sole aim of discussing your business or forcing a sale will become tedious for others playing with you. This is not the feeling you want others to associate with your business. We are aware that if relationships are to be formed through business golf, you need to show aspects of your own personality and character which colleagues or customers can warm to. You are a representation of your brand on the course, therefore positive aspects of your own personality like humour, honesty and integrity will transmit directly into your colleagues perception of you and your business.

Being a Successful Business Golfer

The art of business golf lies in finding a balance between your ‘business hat’ and your ‘social hat’. It is the ability to be yourself, whilst remaining aware of what is appropriate when wearing your company logo which makes a good business golfer. It is not about your golfing ability!

The full article from Online Golf is available here