Membership of the BGN is open to everyone regardless of their gender, race, profession, or golfing ability.

From a golfing perspective we actively encourage individuals who wish to learn to play golf but have no experience. Likewise we also welcome both men and women equally, which has not always been the case historically in some more traditional golf clubs where it has been very much a male dominated environment.

Unlike other referral networks however, more than one person from each business category can join the same group. This is because we believe that members from similar industries can and do work together, for mutual benefit.

Not having restrictions on Business categories, also allows members to not only attend meetings and play golf at their own home group, we also encourage members to visit groups other clubs where they will always receive a very warm welcome, without the fear and politics of treading on somebody else’s toes.

Fee Structure

Membership is by individual (rather than a company) and details are outlined below:

Membership Categories and Charges

(Charges to apply from 1st July 2016 and exclude VAT)

Club Membership £50.00 per month

Allows the member to attend their own BGN group each month. Substitutes are permitted/encouraged if you are unable to attend.

*Members of Bournemouth and Poole Networkers Groups can attend both groups.

Club Plus Membership £75.00 per month

Allows the member to attend their own BGN group and one other BGN group per month.

Tour Membership £120.00 per month

Allows the member to attend their own BGN group and up to 4 other BGN groups each month.

Corporate Membership – £350.00 Joining Fee

Corporate members are allowed to attend any BGN event they wish to each month. People wishing to attend will need to book on for every group.

For 4 slots every month: £160.00 per month
For 10 slots every month: £400.00 per month
For 20 slots every month: £800.00 per month

New Members

There will be a £200.00 one-off joining fee applied only at the start of BGN membership which will be reduced to £100.00 if they sign up within 1 month of attending a BGN group for free.

Membership will be on a rolling contract basis with no minimum contract. However, if members wish to cancel their membership, 60 days’ notice will be required.

Suspension of membership is possible, meaning that no joining fee would apply. A 60 days’ notice period will be required.

Members who refer people who join the BGN will be entitled to a £50 American Golf Discount Voucher.

Please note you can upgrade your tarriff at any point but to downgrade you will need to give 60 days notice.

If you are interested in joining us please come along to:

your nearest group