40% Business

Whilst the Business Golf Network is a joined up network with golf at the heart of everything we do, there is also a very serious and important Business purpose to all of the activities.

People often mistakenly think that we are some form of golf society. That is absolutely not the case, not that there is anything wrong with golf societies, which are excellent, and and very much have their part to play in the overall golfing mix.

We make no apologies about it, but at the core of our proposition is generating good levels of quality new business for our members, using golf as the delivery mechanism. That being said our ethos is not to pressurise or set any expectations/targets for members to deliver referrals!

People often say that business is done because of who you know rather than what you know. We only partly agree with this, and would say that it’s not just a question of who you know, but critically how well you know them, and as equally important how well they know, like and trust you.

Good business relationships and friendships do not happen overnight, and take time to develop. The BGN Is absolutely not about quick fixes, and short-term sales tactics, and if that is what you are looking for we politely suggest that you look elsewhere because you will be disappointed.

If, however you are prepared to invest the time, and make the effort to get involved, and build strong relationships over the medium to long-term based on traditional core values in business of fairness, honesty, and professionalism, which we are delighted to say that unlike most other sports are still at the heart of both professional and amateur golf, then we are without doubt the right place for you.

Personal and Business development/education is also a core objective of the BGN, and we are fortunate enough to have a highly experienced team of Marketing and Sales communication specialists within the core businesses of the D2 Integrated Group who are only to willing and happy to share their knowledge with BGN members through a variety of means including seminars, workshops, and online tutorials.

Likewise within the BGN membership you will find, and indeed meet, a range of high-level Business professionals who can help you in a variety of different ways.

The BGN is, what it is, and we understand that it will not appeal to everybody! If you are serious about your business, want to make new long lasting and deep business relationships, at the same time play more golf, then look no further!

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