40% Golf

At the heart of the D2 Business Golf Network is our wonderful game of Golf itself. Golf is the one thing that we all have in common, whether we are experienced golfers, or brand new to the game, we all have a love and desire to play and learn.

The BGN has been designed in such a way that there Is something for everyone from low handicap experienced golfers, through to people who have never even picked up a club but have a desire to learn and start to play.

The golfing benefits (click here for full details) fall into the following categories;

  1. Playing Golf
  2. Golf Improvement
  3. Competitions


Members of the BGN will have numerous opportunities to play as much, or as little golf as they wish. Every BGN member will have a nominated ‘Home Group’ which will meet twice a month, and subject to the weather and the time of year, there will always be a 9 hole Stableford competition taking place.

There will also be opportunities for any member to play at any other group, wherever and whenever they want to. This could be for purely social reasons for example they are on holiday and want to play a new course with new friends who will make them very welcome, or it may be that they wish to Network for business reasons with other members in a specific Geographical location.

Numerous events and competitions take place throughout the year which members are welcome to participate in. Finally  we have an exciting schedule of ‘away days’ and ‘golf trips’ giving members the opportunity to play on some amazing courses throughout the UK and overseas.

Helping members improve their golf games, lower their scores, and handicaps, and supporting them in generally becoming better, and more knowledgeable players is one of the key objectives of the BGN.

This education will take place In different ways, and different forms, ranging from golf clinics, presentations, individual and group tuition, talks and lectures.

We are also very privileged to be working with a number of highly experienced PGA golf professionals, Including our own D2 Business Golf Network Attached Professional and Major Championship competitor John Lovell, who will be not only joining us for various events up and down the country, but also be providing tuition via his online lessons.

Contrary to common belief playing good golf is not just about having a good golf swing. In fact having a good golf swing is only one part of the whole. There are so many other aspects that contribute to playing good golf and include such things as fitness, the short game, putting, and critically the part the mind plays in a golfers performance!


To that end we are privileged to have secured the services of the one of the most well respected, qualified and knowledgable  ‘mind coaches ‘ in golf today Peter Taylor. Peter will be attending various event, giving lectures and seminars,  up and down the country as the D2 Business Golf Network Mind Coach.

One of our stated aims is to provide individuals who wish to start playing the game a way of getting started in a nonthreatening and supportive way!

The BGN Is fully inclusive, and open to everyone regardless of gender, profession or golfing experience!

Finally from time to time we will be giving members the opportunity to rub shoulders with,  and sometimes play with some of the worlds golfing greats!

There is nothing quite like playing golf with one of your golfing heroes, and seeing first hand how it is really done! It also gives you something to dine out on for many years to come.

Competition in any walk of life is healthy and adds a little edge to performance. Members of the BGN will be able to enter as many or as few competitions as they wish, that range at one end of the scale from fun competitions on a crazy golf course, to far more serious, and prestigious events such as the BGN National  Championship which for 2013 is to be held over 36 holes at the St Mellion International Resort in Cornwall, with one of the rounds being played over the Jack Nicklaus course venue to a number of European tour events.

Other competitions both single and team are scheduled including planning for an inter-BGN Group competitions, in a Ryder Cup format! Watch this space!